Couples Yoga

This gentle and warm yoga class is designed specifically with Valentines Day in mind... reconnecting with that special someone in a very special way! Partners will be guided thru very easy-to-follow postures that will promote union in mind, body and spirit. Couples yoga is an wonderful way to open up trust, improve levels of communication and deepen your expression of love for one another. What a beautiful way to celebrate your love and appreciation.
Champagne and Chocolate Strawberries included.
Free Childcare will be provided during the Couples Yoga.
If you're looking to extend this special time with your partner, we are offering discount vouchers to participating restaurants in our nearby historic downtown.
PARENTS NIGHT OUT - take this time to enjoy your evening even more!! Following the couples yoga, we will be offering childcare from 6-9PM. Children will relax with our professional staff while watching a movie, playing games and having a great time.
Pizza, water and popcorn will be provided.
Yoga mats, blankets and pillows provided for movie time.

February 16, 2019
Time: 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Studio A
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Event Prices:
$15.00 - Sweetheart #1
$15.00 - Sweetheart #2